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HUEN 2843: Engineering, Science, and Society


"Mankind has never been in this position before. Without having improved appreciably in virtue or enjoying wiser guidance, it has got into its own hands the tools by which it can unfailingly accomplish its own extermination. . . .  It is therefore above all things important that the moral philosophy and spiritual conceptions of men and nations should hold their own amid these formidable scientific evolutions."


---- Winston Churchill, Thoughts and Adventures (1932)


Prof: Wayne Ambler, wayne.ambler@colorado.edu, 303-492-2009


HUEN 2210: Engineering, Science, and Society              Fall Semester 2012




This course explores some of the more complicated challenges that science and engineering pose for society; it also considers the challenges that societies can pose for science and engineering. These questions will be pursued both through core texts in the Western Tradition and through more contemporary writings and films. Although we seek a general or fundamental understanding of these issues, we will take up a few of the particularly hot controversies that currently surround such fields as neuroscience and GNR – genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics.

Office Hours: My official "office" hours are from 10:00 to 10:50, MWF. In addition, I encourage you to make an appointment convenient to your own schedule to visit my office. Just speak to me after class or shoot me an email at wayne.ambler@colorado.edu. My office is in the "Lesser House," home of the Herbst Program of Humanities, just across Colorado Avenue from the Engineering Center (on the NW corner of Colorado and Regent, by the traffic light: http://www.colorado.edu/campusmap/map.html?bldg=LESS). 
Required Texts:
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, 0-06-085052-3
Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, 1-4165-3473-3
Tom and Grace West, editors, Four Texts on Socrates, 0-8014-8574-6

The Course in General:


Academic Requirements


Assigned Electronic Texts

Official CU Policies




In the News:


Is Marital Fidelity Genetic?

Politics in the Guise of Science  

On the Electric Car: The Chevy Volt

Particular Subject Areas:        


Catastrophes: Technological or Political

Classic Texts on EngSciSoc

Climate Science, Energy Policy, and the Environment

On Gore's Inconvenient Truth

Genetic Engineering

J Robert Oppenheimer

Limits of Science

Neuroscience and Individual Freedom

Nanotechnology Series

Archimedes and Calculus

Strong AI, Nanotech, and RoboticsEngineering Ethics




On the Certificate in Engineering, Science, and Society



Study Aids: Assorted Other Notes of Possible Use 

Final Exam: General Description,Review Questions



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